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Malta Development Planning

Claris Capital Projects provides all planning consultancy required when it comes to investing in property. Planning legislation falls under the authority of Malta Environment and Planning Authority with its main function to safeguard and structure future planning policies for the Maltese Islands.

Claris Environmental specialises in professional land use and environmental planning, strategic environmental assessment, as well as resource management, environmental impact assessment, urban and marine development, social impact analysis, environmental management systems, institutional strengthening and capacity building.


Claris offers a range of services in the fields of environment, and sustainable planning. We have developed working relationships with a number of specialist consulting companies who provide expertise in air quality emission studies, visual impacts, noise impacts, heritage assessments, soil and agricultural assessments and waste management. With several years of experience in the field, our consultants provide innovative and cost-effective solutions in order to maintain a balance between development and environmental protection.

This cost efficient approach ensures that our clients receive the very best advice available to achieve the optimum of their investment.


Planning services include:

  • Urban and Rural Land Use Planning

  • Traffic Impact Statements (TIS), including traffic surveys

  • Site Selection Exercises

  • Assessment of Alternative Sites/Layouts/Options

  • Planning Application Support

  • Planning Objections and Appeals

  • Social Assessments

  • Landscape Analysis


Environmental services include:


  • Screening / Scoping Reports

  • Project Description Statements (PDS)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)


  • Waste Management Plans

  • Land Contamination Surveys

  • Land Remediation

Environmental Surveys

  • Method Statements

  • Design of Post-Development Environmental Monitoring Programmes

  • Land Use Surveys

  • Agriculture Surveys & Soil Testing

  • Geo-environmental Surveys (including geology, geomorphology, rock testing)

  • Hydrology Surveys

  • Stability and Geo-technical Surveys

  • Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Surveys

  • Social Surveys


  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Waste Management Plans

  • Landscaping Plans

  • Restoration Plans

  • Formulation of Environmental Mitigation Strategies

Other Services

  • Environmental Database Construction

  • Environmental Information Management Systems

  • Environmental Monitoring Programmes

  • Digital Elevation Modelling




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Claris Trustees & Fiduciaries Ltd. (Reg. No. C-39315) is licensed and regulated by the
Malta Financial Services Authority in terms of the Trusts & Trustees 2004, as amended.

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